Tips if You Want to Learn Bathroom Repairs Through Books

bathroom repairs

Buying a new home is an exciting thing not only for you but also for your family. The flipside of that is that unlike in a rental, you will have to DIY on all repairs and renovations. Top on your consideration list is safety and less or no damage to your property. The bathroom is one of those common places in the family where carefulness is paramount.

Bathroom repairs can be tricky especially if you are a first-time homeowner. Bathroom repair can be tough. There are tons of books written about how to DIY bathroom repair and renovation. Therefore, if you want to learn bathroom repairs through books, you may run into a challenge of choice. This article will give you tips for learning bathroom repairs through books.

Best book collection guide on bathroom repair
Following is a collection of best books on a bathroom renovation. The following list is organized around a category of the bookstore. Full Home Living and Barnes & Nobles are the go-to-places if you want to learn about bathroom repairs through books.

bathroom remodelingFull Home Living
Full Home Living has a wide variety of book choices to make on bathroom repair. Their literature ranges from bathroom magazines to books.
1. Strictly Bathrooms: A Design guide; this 220-page long book offers a wide variety of simple, doable, and practical ideas that could be applied for multiple bathroom sizes. This is rated first in this article due to its clear and simple instruction. There are also a number of articles written by experts on bathroom repair and they even give suggestions on the best toilet for home.
2. Bathroom Upgrades; while there are many books out there that guide about bathroom repair, few of them offer budget-friendly ideas. This book offers affordable ideas that will just meet your need at a good cost.
3. Complete Guide to Bathrooms; this is a 260-page guide that addresses basically all topics about bathroom repair. It’s the most preferred by most homeowner who want to DIY for best bathroom repair tips. It has a Q/A section that will respond to almost any question that you may be having about bathroom repair.
4. Bathroom Remodeling; for new homeowners who might want to expand their bathrooms with little feature extensions here and there, this is the book for you! You will learn a number of things including and not limited to plumbing and installation of new spares (e.g. faucets and valves).
5. Remodeling Without Going Broke; similar to Bathroom Upgrades, articles in this book care that you might need to save some money since you just bought a house. Therefore, with budget-friendly practical tips, this book shares great ideas an DIYer could do.

Barnes & Noble
1. Tiling Complete; most people can DIY on their bathroom repairs. However, not all can wrap their minds around bathroom finishing. Tiling is one of thosebathroom fixes hectic last bits. You get tiling wrong, and the rest of your work will have a poor finish and look. This book provides the best tips on tiling in your bathroom.
2. Bathroom Remodeling; this book is written by two experts who try to help new homeowners on how to repair their bathroom without hurting their finances. Looking at all facets of bathroom make-up this book addresses affordable tips on how to fix anything bathroom from doors, windows, to sinks and faucets, tiling, etc.

Full Home Living and Barnes & Noble are the first go to places for you if you want to learn about bathroom repair from books. Both bookstores have online support for either purchasing or renting of these resources.

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