How to get a Good Night’s sleep


Well, worried about how to get a good night’s sleep. Maybe , Tim’s suggestion will work for you. Busy hours of office or hectic schedule in today’s time has led to various issues related to sleeplessness resulting in an unhealthy morning start. You know , we all know that how important is good sleep for the start of another morning. While we are still thinking about how to get a sound sleep, Tim Ferris recommends Chilipad . Let’s see why can Chilipad be a solution for your sleepless nights.

  1. Temperature balance

For a good sleep, everybody has their own demand of optimum temperature to feel the comfort and one can’t compromise on this. After one go to bed and realises that one can’t sleep because its either too hot or cold outside, one can always switch on  ACs and adjust the temperature but you know what comes later,electricity bill! So, keeping your air conditioner on switch on mode for whole night isn’t budget friendly. Here comes the Chilipad,Chilipad is poly cotton mattress which is connected to a stabiliser unit where one adjusts one’s own required temperature and what results is a comfortable sleep .


  1. Double stabiliser

This feature solves one big problem of your life. Imagine you sleeping with somebody on one mattress and how you keep pulling the sheet to your side to feel warmer. Chilipad solves this too. It has got double units where you can adjust your temperature and so can your partner do . This sounds like a perfect idea for those who share bed with another person.

  1. Energy saver

Yes, you heard it right. It saves your energy consumption. You are aware of the quantity of electricity consumed by your AC when it runs overnight. Chilipad has a lot to offer you there. It uses way less electricity than air conditioners. Also, Chilipad comes in use only when one wants to sleep.


Now, you know why should you get one for yourself . Let’s see how does it work or simply what is it-

Chilipad is a poly-cotton matress with wired mesh in the matress connected to a unit where one can adjust temperature from 55-110 f , which is controllable by a wireless remote. After setting your desired temperature, you can go through your favourite book or listen to that peaceful music for half an hour after which your chilipad is all set to give you a wonderful experience of sleep. You can thank Tim Ferris for his recommendation.

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