Here are some ways you can protect your house in the case of a flood

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the United Stated. The fact that it can strike at any time makes it almost impossible to exempt any state or territory. No one wants to suffer the kind of water damage repair boca raton.

But ignoring the warnings of a possible flood can be a serious risk that could cause you to loose a lot of property like your furniture, lightening, appliances and probably get into debt.

Most times you will find your self-scrapping off walls just to remove molds, ripping off floors and all that. One of the most annoying things about flooding is that you don’t get to do anything apart from elevation.


However, here are some of the ways you can protect your house in the case of a flood.


Make Sure Your Electric and Climate Systems are safeguarded


In case of flood, the presence of electricity can be such a disaster.  Immediately there is water penetration while it is on, there could be a shock almost everywhere. One of the ways you can guard your electrical and climate systems is to raise all electrical and climate system high. So people advise a foot above the expected floor, but I suggest a meter.


Raise All Outdoors Equipment and Anchors


Imagine your air-condition and generator get a hit when there is flood.

That is pretty expensive to cope with. Make sure you raise all you outdoor equipment and if you have any fuel tank, raise it as well. Some floored can burst things open and if it is a fuel tank it might contaminate the whole environment.


Modify Water Valves


Flooded sower system can bring about sewage to back up into your makes sense to have an exterior back flow valve and interior one installed and it is recommended to use gate valve, which is strong and automatically allows water to flow out, shutting off water from flowing in. it is advised that this valve should be installed on every single pipe where water flow in and out into the house.


Set Up How Water Floor Around Your House


The way in which your house is slopped is important in this case. The slop and grading of your house through which water can be directed away from the house is a necessary one. It is easy to know this by just watch the way water flow and accumulate you will know the direction of the water.



Take This Major Option


If you have a house where flooding is common and difficult to clear off, you might need to make a major decision like flooring all over again to consider the direction of water and so the lower floor well above the flood level. Install foundation vents that will allow the flow of water off the building easily. This project will really cost a lot of money but will give you a more relaxed mind during flood.


Protecting your house in cases of flood is really worth it, especially if your house is situated in a place where flood easily occur. This know how’s will go a long way in assisting you to protect your home.  Check out this old post on books pertaining to this subject.









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