Floor Screeding In Library Architecture

Just like roofing, flooring is also an important part of house construction. The roof protects your from the external environmental factors while to floor takes all the weight and pressure of you, your furniture and other activities. Wooden floors are only what you see under your feet, but do not think it is the only layer on the floor. There is a layer called floor screeding that supports the wooden floor sheets you see.

Floor screeding is a cementation material that is made from a specific ration of cement and sharp sand. It is applied on a solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab or on a precast concrete floor unit. It is a simple act of applying a well-blended mixture of cement and sharp sand to a floor base. It gives a sturdy sub-floor that is strong enough to take the final floor finish.

There are a number of floor screeding Surrey operating, that have a highly experienced labor force. They understand the importance of laying down a good quality screeding. To perform the job well, you have to understand that floor screeding is one of the vital steps in flooring. It plays a major role in ensuring a fine finish, quality, and durability of the floor. A well laid screed extends the life of the floor and gives it a fine look. Most of the companies that are operating in Surrey as floor screeder, have quality as their priority. They aim to work to provide a safe flooring system to their customers. However, there are five major steps in getting the right and proper floor screeding. They are:

  1. Hiring the right floor screeding contractor
  2. Getting the right floor screed
  3. Properly mixing the screed
  4. Adopting the right process for screed installation
  5. Taking the right measures for screed protection

All of the above given steps collectively ensure a long lasting and reliable floor screeding. You have to keep a close eye on the minor details, because each step adds to the quality and durability of the floor. Try to do your research about floor screeding so you can inquire your contractor about the processes and techniques he is applying to your floor.

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