5 reasons why reading is a good habit for children

Reading is a fundamental and important skill that a child needs to learn to do well in life. It is very important to develop good reading habits. It not only helps your child succeed academically but also helps your child in his or her everyday life. Here are the main reasons why reading is such an important habit.

Builds up vocabulary

The child will learn new words as he or she reads. Reading allows for exposure to words that you use in your everyday conversation. By reading aloud, the child learns how to read.

Improves attention

If you can encourage good reading habits from an early age, the child’s attention span develops, and it allows them to focus better and for a longer period.

Prepares child for school

If your child develops an early reading habit, then he or she can be prepared for school. They can easily get adapted to the reading-focused learning atmosphere in the future classrooms.

You will have a lifelong love of books

If children read book regularly, then they will continue to do so even after they become adults.It will help them throughout their education, career and beyond.

Encourages children to gain knowledge

Children who develop good reading habits learn more about the world around them. They will develop an interest in other cultures and various aspects of life. By reading, they will learn to ask questions, seek answers, etc. So, children will learn more every day.

You should teach your children the good habit of reading books. You should motivate them to read books by reading to them at an early age and asking them about the content of the book after your child has read the book.

Infographic source: www.harpercollins.com
Infographic source: www.harpercollins.com

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