The top books you should read this Halloween if you like scary books

Books are the best friends of humans. There are many people in the world who do not only read the books as a hobby but book reading is like a passion for them. They never miss any chance of reading the book. You must have seen lots of people traveling on the bus or train with a book in their hand. Such people are crazy about book reading same as the adventurous people are crazy about the adventurous activities.

That’s why such people prefer reading books on Halloween instead of making preparations like others. There are many people who make lots of preparation on Halloween such decorating their trees in different interesting ways but these Halloween Tree Decorations do not entice those who love reading books.

Something that may entice the book readers are the crazy and scary stories that they get to read in different books. That’s why many authors have written different scary books that are based on the Halloween theme and most of these books are written for those who love reading books on Halloween instead of getting involved in the other activities.

So, in today’s article, we’re also going to share some information about the books that are based on the Halloween’s theme and you can read if you’re a book lover and have a craze of reading books. Let’s take a look at some books that you can read this Halloween if you like scary books.

The Woman in Black

Susan Hill (the writer of the book) has written this book in the style of a traditional Gothic novel. This book was published in 1983. It is an excellent choice for those who love reading Ghost stories and Horror fictions.

You must have seen a film based on the story of this novel or you must have seen a show conducted on the same theme but none of them has the ability to beat the excellent production of Susan Hill.

If you want to feel the fear while reading book, we recommend that you choose a creaking rocking chair for reading the book. The word usage is so much amazing that it will provide you a realistic experience.

The turn of the Screw

The turn of the screw is another scary book that you can read on this Halloween. The book was originally published in 1898. Henry James was the writer of this amazing book. The Collier’s Weekly magazine first published this story in a serial format. It contains ghost story and gothic genres in it.

House of Leaves

The American Author Mark Z. Danielewski was the writer of this debut novel. The Pantheon Books published this novel in March 2000. The book became extremely popular. It contains the Horror fiction and romantic genres in it.

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