Things that hotels don’t want you to know


Staying in a hotel is supposed to be relaxing. However, when you start to look beneath the surface, you would be shocked to know about certain things. There are certain things which hoteliers would definitely not want you to know about. There are many secrets which a hotelier would never want you to know. In fact there are many things which the world’s most luxurious hotels might also not want you to know.

We are saying that all hotels are bad and they hiding a lot of things from their customers or anything of that sort. It is just there are some hotels all around the world which indulge in things that result in monitory benefits. It is said the hotels in Cincinnati are the best and it is almost impossible to find anything negative in them.


Below are few of the things that hotels don’t want you to know:

Hotel rooms are mostly infested with several germs

As you know that many people have already stayed in the room which you have booked yourself for. There are many items placed in a hotel room and not all of them are cleaned on a daily basis. There are some items which have not been cleaned for months or sometimes even years. The rugs and upholstery needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, however, the hotel staffs don’t do that. Moreover, the TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, light and fan switches, door knobs or telephone have many germs on them which you cannot see with naked eye. Therefore, it is always better to carry some anti-bacterial wipes with you and clean at least these items before using them.

Different rates through different mediums

If you want to get the best rates then you can talk to the hotel’s director of sales or manager on-duty as they have authority to give lower rates. If you are booking through a centralized call centres then they would not be able to give you the best rates as they don’t have the flexibility to do so. Moreover, everything is negotiable, like if you need a parking space then you can get the parking fees reduced or sometimes even waived if you talk to the authorities. The parking spaces are relatively empty so you won’t find it difficult to get them at lower rates.

Rooms are usually more expensive in the morning hours

Another important thing which a hotel would never want you to know is that in some hotels rooms are more expensive in the morning hours. Therefore, it is best to do room reservation after 6 pm when the no-show reservations which were secured by the credit cards are freed.

Certain kinds of rooms are available even if there are no rooms

You need to know that there are certain kinds of rooms which are available even if the hotel claims to not have any room left. There are many big hotels in which few rooms are classified as “out of order rooms” at any point of time. It happens that something in that room is stained, broken or any other type of minor issues have taken place then the hotels don’t give that room to their customers so as to maintain their reputation. Therefore, if you urgently need a room in any hotel then you can ask the desk clerk to give you any “out of order room” if in case it is available.

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