The best books on marketing for property managers to further your education

Many people join the real estate industry, having studied general marketing or other pertinent courses. However, every industry has its distinctive strategies, constraints, and Dos and Don’ts. As you seek to establish a successful career, you should use all materials within your reach to gain as much knowledge as you can. This piece outlines 4 must-read books that cover all corners of property management marketing.

Practical Apartment Management 6th Edition by Edward N. Kelley

This comprehensive text has been revised thoroughly to reflect and match major changes that have characterized the industry over the last few years. Some of the main subjects it covers include:

  • The constraints and basics of ownership.
  • Management and insurance.
  • Advanced marketing solutions.
  • Leasing property and tracking residents.

It has stood the test of relevance and time, and anyone who reads it reaps heaps of crucial knowledge in the field of property management. A hard cover goes for around $59 on various online markets including Amazon.

Advanced Property Management Marketing by Mike O’Neil and Dylan O’Neil

This book engages readers and goes deep into various aspects of real estate marketing while offering loads of advice. It covers:

  • How to determine and utilize the most effective leads.
  • How your local dynamics influence your marketing strategy.
  • How to come up with offers that attract and convert prospects into buyers.
  • In-sourcing and out-sourcing- pros and cons of each.

The authors of this knowledge mine have overseen property management campaigns in over 30 cities across the U.S.A and are a very resourceful pair.

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Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate by Tom Hopkins

Tom did a tremendous job in writing this magical book that provides you with all the tools and tips you need to sell like a chief. It has 400 pages of pure intelligence that might be just what you need to make your career a hall of success and treasure. In addition, it has been revised and updated to capture new trends in the industry.

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

This real estate bible is unique in its approach to make you a better real estate marketer. It influences both your success, peace of mind and sanity. It guides you on how to structure your day and make a schedule to maximize your overall productivity. It even gives time stamps for each task. This read is really a harvest of gold for those marketers who have time management issues.

Books always have an advantage over forums or websites. This is because you can focus on enriching your brain without any form of distraction. Holding it physically, underlining, highlighting and making notes on the edges helps you internalize and digest information more. Spare some time to acquire these books and make them your pets; you will take your career a notch higher.

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