Follow these 4 tips when buying a barn door

Barn doors are an excellent choice for bringing charm to your home. If you want to add some unique and staggering look to your home then recreated, reclaimed, heavy wooden barn doors are the perfect option for you. But if you think that you can’t utilize one inside then you are definitely wrong.

Buying a barn door

You can bring these beauties inside with the help of sliding mounts., that allow you to create an outstanding look that you have never thought before. We’ll show some basic information about barn doors that will help you buy high-quality barn doors according to your needs.

Here are the few important things that you must look for when buying a barn door.

Quality Hardware:

Your barn door needs to look great and perform flawlessly because it will be the most important element in your home. And it should also be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Buying a barn door

The reason why we recommend choosing the high-quality hardware is that it is durable, moves quietly, beautifully, and smoothly and it also complements your décor.

You might find that it is expensive than other options but it will help you save money in the long run. For durable round rail, aluminum flat rail or stainless-steel hardware we naturally suggest the KV line in popular styles and finishes.

Proper space:

A barn door needs room to slide along its track although it can free up space when compared to other doors. You will need wall space on one side of the opening if you are installing a single door, and this space needs to be equal to the width of the door so it can easily be opened.

For double doors, the space of an individual door is enough for the opening on each side of the doorway. Make sure there are no outlets, vents, light switches, doors, windows or artwork on the wall that might scratch or impede the door as it slides open.

Structural support is required:

The weight of barn doors usually exceeds 200 pounds. Most people prefer installing the track to a header, for durability, which is associated with the divider studs over the entryway. Make sure that there is a wood block or stud at every interval on your track if you install on wall studs. We recommend you not to hang these doors on the wall anchors because they are not the sufficient support for them.

You must mount your door to a header in order to clear the door frame when sliding because it positions the door far enough from the wall.

You’ll need a handle:

Buying a barn door

You can easily slide, open and shut the door with the help of a handle and it also looks great. In order to make the door clear the door jamb you must install a recessed pull on the inside. There are various privacy latching solutions available according to your needs if you need to install the door in your bathroom or bedroom.  You can also find out more at

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